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Below are links to the top online training programs. The links provided next to each school lead to forms where you can request free information from the school about each programs it offers. If you are interested in enrolling in an online training program, please request information from at least four different schools as there are differences between each program that are best explained by the schools themselves.

Kaplan University – Kaplan University is one of the nation's largest providers in online education with a wide range of online training programs to choose from. These programs can be completed at a fast pace compared to campus courses and you can attend classes straight from your home PC. Jump-start your career with training from Kaplan today.
Liberty University – Liberty University has several accredited, online training programs available. These programs are on an accelerated track and cut many of the costs associated with campus programs. This makes the programs affordable and a fast way to achieve your career goals. Moreover, Liberty's online training programs are developed with the field's standards and best practices in mind.
Everglades University – Everglades University engages students with their education by building hands-on exercises and relevant material into offered courses. As a result, students gain many of the components to a successful career: the right skills, knowledge, and resources. The online degrees from Everglades University underscores this by integrating peer comments and critiques so students can improve their work.
Walden University – For students looking to balance school with busy or inconsistent work schedules, Walden University offers a huge selection of online training courses. Walden is backed by years of working with industry professionals to develop curriculum that reflects current trends, standards, and best practices. Walden also thrives off of working with graduates to help them pursue lucrative careers.
University of Phoenix – University of Phoenix is one of the nation's leading providers in online education, having helped students obtain a degree across the nation. Phoenix takes a practical approach to online education by working career-oriented curriculum and hands-on experience into their courses. Online courses also offer convenience as they can be completed at home, school, or even on the go.
Strayer University – As a respect leading in education that strives to stay up to date with current trends, Strayer University has added many online training programs to its course catalog in response to growing interest in online education. Strayer is an accredited institution backed by years of excellence in service to its students and graduates.
University of Massachusetts – University of Massachusetts works with its graduates and student body to deliver an education that helps drive students to the center of ever-expanding fields with ongoing demand for skilled professionals. As a result, its online training courses helps students obtain the resources, tools, and skills needed to successfully fill many high in demand positions in various industries.
Ashford University – Ashford University is a highly respected institution that provides several hundreds of degrees both online and at the campus. The online training included in this have the added benefit of being able to be completed at a relatively fast pace in comparison to their campus counterparts. AU is an affordable, convenient, and quick way to get your training online.
Rasmussen University – Students seeking an inexpensive solution to their educational needs will find Rasmussen University has several online training classes available. Moreover, these programs are great for students with busy or inconsistent work schedules or personal lives. These programs are designed for students who want to quickly gain the necessary competencies required for several high in demand jobs.
University of Liverpool – University of Liverpool, one of the country's top schools, has worked with established professionals in various industries to create curriculum for online training courses that reflect modern techniques and methodologies. These programs are fast-paced and assignments can be turned in before or on deadlines with no special software required. Some programs can even be completed in a matter of months.

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1) What Types of Online Training Programs Exist and What are They Called?

Whether looking to beef up on computer knowledge, sales, or any other professional skills, there are loads of online training programs, and we have listed some of the more popular ones below.

  • Computer Programmer Training: This online program can teach the practice of programming computers for business or even personal purposes.
  • Life Coach Training: Becoming a certified life coach can be done online by taking a few courses whether you have no experience or are looking to improve on existing coaching.
  • CompTIA Training: The Computing Technology Industry Association Certification is the standard for many computer science and related careers. Because it is such a complicated process, there are many online training programs to choose from.
  • Information Technology Training: Not limited to just the above, there are many other specialties in this type of online training from security to web development and much more.
  • SAT/GRE Training: Both of these exams are essential for getting into college and/or graduate school. There are loads of online training resources to be found including practice questions and virtual exams.
  • Microsoft Training: Whether you just need to brush up on Word basics or need to manage entire databases, there are loads of online Microsoft training courses and certifications to choose from.
  • Sales Training: If looking to improve existing sales, there are many options to online sales training that include customer services, planning, management, and more.
  • SEO Training: Search Engine Optimization is a phenomenon that rose with popularity of tools such as Google. Online SEO training includes tracking, advertising, traffic, and more.
  • TESOL Training: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages can lead to an exciting career as an educator overseas. However, there may be other educational requirements depending on the country offering the job in addition to online TESOL/TEFL training courses.
  • Veterinary Technician: Earning an online animal care certificate can help in becoming a veterinary assistant, pet groomer, or other related career.

And the above are by no means the only online training options available. There are loads of degrees, certificates, and more that can be done partially or even completely online.

2) Where Can I Find Online Training Program Rankings?

There are literally hundreds of online training programs and degrees to choose from in just about every area imaginable. While there is no single body to rank them all, there is the important factor of accreditation. The U.S. Department of Education evaluates colleges, universities, and technical schools across the nation to ensure students get an appropriate education for their dollar. To visit their database of accredited schools, click here. Use the tool just like any other search engine to find accredited online training schools in your state or by name.

Another useful agency for accrediting online training is the Distance Education and Training Council. They accredit schools that specifically offer distance training programs. Search by name, category, state, subject, or even country. You can also view the entire list of DETC accredited schools by clicking under Accredited Institutions and leaving all the fields blank.

The ultimate ranking system to use when choosing an online training program, degree, certificate, etc. is the student. Doing some research on which employers want which training can greatly assist in which program to choose. Other factors such as cost, notoriety, transfer credits, and others should also be considered.

3) Can I Transfer Online Training Credits?

There are narrow circumstances in which transfer credit for an online training program would be allowed. For instance, if taking the basic courses at the collegiate level such as first year math, history, or science courses, there may be an option to have them transferred to a select group of other schools or colleges as transfer credits. If you believe or suspect that you may be entitled to college credits for courses already taken or about to be taken, contact the counseling office of your school as soon as possible to see which schools they will be recognized by.

One of the main factors to not getting transfer credits is the issue of a nationally recognized online training program versus a regional one. When looking to switch from schools that are nationally accredited to a regionally accredited one or vice versa, transfer credits are less likely to happen, even at the first year level. This is another reason to research as soon as possible before taking classes, especially if the student is looking to switch schools at some point in their education.

However, because so many online training programs are so specialized, transfer credits are often denied. For example, even if the student already holds some sort of degree or certification in information technology, they may have to start at the beginning of other IT certificates depending on who is offering them. Researching several certifications before deciding on which you want can lead to less time and money being spent.

4) What Sorts of Online Training Programs are Available?

To help research online training programs, we have listed a few of the available choices below.

  • Online Basic Computer Training: If you have trouble with computer related tasks such as word processing or email, click here. There are four courses that can train you online in computer tasks and are self-paced and include review questions.
  • Online CompTIA Training: Get help in training for the CompTIA certification by using one of their approved training facilities. They are available in countries across the globe and for several different certifications.
  • Online Exam Training: Whether looking to improve a higher education, collegiate level learning, or more, a site like ETS offers loads of resources for many common exams including the GRE, TOEFL, and others.
  • Online Life Coach Training: The Coach Training Alliance offers many online training tools for those who are or wish to become life coaches. They even offer an official orientation class at no charge.
  • Online Sales Training: Learning Selling Online offers basic, intermediate, and advanced sales training, free diagnostic tools, an e-Learning community, and other support services for those looking to improve sales.
  • Online SEO Training This SEO training program includes over 100 training modules, loads of video and audio, marketing tools, and an online community. There are also tools for those who already know SEO.
  • Online English Teaching Training: This UK based company offers online training courses to prepare students to teach English in foreign countries. Their courses are accredited by a national agency and have many different options to choose from.
  • Online English Language Training: If looking for other options in an online education training program, stop by Cactus. Recommended courses include Teaching English as a Foreign Language Awareness, methodology, and even a specialty course for young teachers.
  • Online Veterinary Technician Training: The American Veterinary Medical Association accredits vet tech programs across the nation, many of which offer online training. Visit to see which are currently approved.
  • Online Workforce Training: If the above still aren’t enough, visit here to learn more about the loads of online training classes available from JER. Subjects offered include business, technical, medical, green education, and safety.

And the above are just some of the online training programs available. If you know which area or employer you would like to work for, contact a few human resources departments. They can tell you which online training programs they use or even prefer in job candidates.

5) How do I Complete Online Training?

The amount of time to complete an online training program depends on which you choose. Almost all of them require some form of education from a high school diploma or equivalent all the way up to graduate degrees. Before being admitted into some online training programs, students may be asked for school transcripts, test scores, or even the ability to pass a pre-exam.

Although there are free online training programs, most of these deal with basic lessons. Paid online training courses usually offer more advanced and applicable learning. However, it can be difficult to gauge which online training programs are worth both the money and time spent completing them. Doing research, such as which employers prefer which training or speaking to people in the area of employment you would like to go into, can shed new light on the online training programs you are interested in.

There are many legitimate online training programs, such as those that utilize information technology. Microsoft, Cisco, and many other leaders in technology offer certifications directly and even offer both free and paid online training to get them. Completing an online training course of this type usually requires at least an associate’s degree in information technology or the computer sciences, the passing of an exam, and possible recertification.

There are also other factors in determining average salary after completing online training. Because a certification can lead to many different careers, it can lead to many different average salaries. For example, those who hold a CompTIA A+ Service Technician certification can take different career paths.

7) Where Can I Find Online Training Scholarships and Grants?

Although the field of online training programs can be overwhelming, the below links and tools can make it easier to get matched to funding for education, including scholarships and grants.

  • FAFSA: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid should be a first stop for any student seeking scholarships and/or grants. Although it is a lengthy form, it can help match students to loads of available financial aid.
  • This site boasts over $19 billion in available college scholarships. Millions of students have already utilized the site in their search for scholarships.
  • FastWeb: Similar to the above, this is another scholarship matching site that can connect students with the scholarships they need to pay for an online training education.
  • Scholarship Experts: This site was named as one of the best by Simply answer a few questions to begin.
  • U.S. Scholarship Guide: If you need to learn more about scholarships and the process involved with them, visit this site. Along with tips and definitions for different types of scholarships, there are also useful hints on how to avoid scholarship scams.
  • This government site has essential tools to help students plan for an education, pay for it, find a job, and much more.
  • To get a less complex version of the above, click here. Another government aided site, they answer questions such as why to go to college, what to do when you get there, and even how to pay for it.

The best way to find scholarships, grants, and other ways to pay for online training is to contact the provider of the certification or the financial aid office of the school. They can help guide you to any available scholarships and grants, and even help fill out forms and answer other important questions.

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