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25 Helpful Forums About Technical Careers

No matter what your online training goals are for entering into or advancing a career in technology, it is important to be ahead of the curve. The latest piece of technology, trend in the markets, or juicy job opening can literally be only seconds away and can be a huge missed opportunity for those outside the technological loop.

To help keep you in said loop, we have gathered 25 helpful forums about technical careers. They have information on everything from how to build your own computer to the latest job updates by your favorite tech company. So grab a mouse pad, your resume, or dust off your tech portfolio and make some new additions with their help.


The 10 Worst Web Mistakes to Keep You from Landing a Job

With unemployment so high, the job market has reached new heights of competition. Add in that doing a background search on the name at the top of a resume takes an average of 0.15 seconds and can show a potential slew of reasons not to be hired. How hard is it for prospective employers to find information about you? With a few clicks, they can find someone’s sexual preference, religion, and even what you do on weekends. Before your resume is cold on their desk, they can know more about you than a longtime friend.

Sites, searches, pictures, and more have made the web a wonderful place to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and bring a level of convenience that our parents and grandparents never dreamed. Good news for those hiring. Bad news for anyone who has ever made an impulsive decision. To help, we have gathered the ten worst web mistakes to keep you from landing a job. They include the most common, along with a few you never may have guessed.