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Different Types of Online Training Programs

Online education is rising in popularity due to the flexibility it offers students and the lower cost of tuition. If this type of education interests you, take a moment to learn about all the different types of online training programs you can consider.

Degree Programs

The first type of online training program you can consider is the degree program. Many students choose to take classes online in place of classes at a typical college since it means you can complete work whenever you have time in your schedule, rather than going to a scheduled class and having to work around that time. You can earn your degree completely online in many cases, and online colleges offer a variety of programs at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorate levels. There are also diploma programs at some schools, where you won’t earn a degree, but you will complete a schedule of courses to increase your skills and knowledge in a certain field.

Degree Classes

In addition to earn your degree online, you can also take degree classes to supplement the degree you’re earning at a traditional campus college. This can be helpful if the classes you need to graduate are full, you have to retake a class, you’re dealing with a medical problem,or you want to graduate early. Some colleges have their own online classes, so you can choose from any of these courses. Others have partnerships with schools that offer classes online. Still others don’t have partnerships, but do allow you to transfer credits that you earn from online programs.

Unaccredited Programs

Accreditation allows you to be secure in the fact that you’ll be earning a degree that’s on par with what you could earn at a traditional school. However, just because a program isn’t accredited doesn’t mean that it can’t prepare you for your career. If you’d simply like to learn some new skills and don’t care about actually earning a degree, an unaccredited online program might be right for you. Just make sure you do your research. Read reviews of the program (at places other than their own site) to learn about the good and the bad and check up on the person teaching the course to ensure that they’re qualified to teach.

Guide to Online Training Schools & Programs

Kaplan University – Kaplan University is one of the nation's largest providers in online education with a wide range of online training programs to choose from. These programs can be completed at a fast pace compared to campus courses and you can attend classes straight from your home PC. Jump-start your career with training from Kaplan today.
Liberty University – Liberty University has several accredited, online training programs available. These programs are on an accelerated track and cut many of the costs associated with campus programs. This makes the programs affordable and a fast way to achieve your career goals. Moreover, Liberty's online training programs are developed with the field's standards and best practices in mind.
Everglades University – Everglades University engages students with their education by building hands-on exercises and relevant material into offered courses. As a result, students gain many of the components to a successful career: the right skills, knowledge, and resources. The online degrees from Everglades University underscores this by integrating peer comments and critiques so students can improve their work.
Walden University – For students looking to balance school with busy or inconsistent work schedules, Walden University offers a huge selection of online training courses. Walden is backed by years of working with industry professionals to develop curriculum that reflects current trends, standards, and best practices. Walden also thrives off of working with graduates to help them pursue lucrative careers.
University of Phoenix – University of Phoenix is one of the nation's leading providers in online education, having helped students obtain a degree across the nation. Phoenix takes a practical approach to online education by working career-oriented curriculum and hands-on experience into their courses. Online courses also offer convenience as they can be completed at home, school, or even on the go.
Strayer University – As a respect leading in education that strives to stay up to date with current trends, Strayer University has added many online training programs to its course catalog in response to growing interest in online education. Strayer is an accredited institution backed by years of excellence in service to its students and graduates.
University of Massachusetts – University of Massachusetts works with its graduates and student body to deliver an education that helps drive students to the center of ever-expanding fields with ongoing demand for skilled professionals. As a result, its online training courses helps students obtain the resources, tools, and skills needed to successfully fill many high in demand positions in various industries.
Ashford University – Ashford University is a highly respected institution that provides several hundreds of degrees both online and at the campus. The online training included in this have the added benefit of being able to be completed at a relatively fast pace in comparison to their campus counterparts. AU is an affordable, convenient, and quick way to get your training online.
Rasmussen University – Students seeking an inexpensive solution to their educational needs will find Rasmussen University has several online training classes available. Moreover, these programs are great for students with busy or inconsistent work schedules or personal lives. These programs are designed for students who want to quickly gain the necessary competencies required for several high in demand jobs.
University of Liverpool – University of Liverpool, one of the country's top schools, has worked with established professionals in various industries to create curriculum for online training courses that reflect modern techniques and methodologies. These programs are fast-paced and assignments can be turned in before or on deadlines with no special software required. Some programs can even be completed in a matter of months.

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